Fitport is now Depasi Fitness Solutions, check out the new site!

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Anti-aging, Interviews, Lifestyle, Misc., Nutrition, Training

It’s true, there’s a new site. We’ve grown, and, we even have some different objectives as a company. But we’re going to stay true to our roots and keep providing awesome information to all of you thinkers out there in the fitness industry, either personally or professionally, that have been on board since the beginning of Fitport, or even those that have stumbled upon this site more recently.

For now, the blog will remain active. But all of the content is gradually being transferred to the new site, I’ll still post new content on both, but make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the new site to be notified of new content as it arises.

We are now also offering nutrition coaching, which was off the table for quite a while due to time constraints. I’m doing it personally at this point, but as soon as I fill up I’ll be handing it off to a couple of other well qualified people. So, if you want to work with me, get in now, but if you are open to working with some other awesome people on my team, there’s no rush.

And let me know what you think of the new site, below; if you have any comments/questions/critiques/bomb threats/anthrax letters, have at it.

New website is available by clicking the image at the top of this post, or riiiight here:


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