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It’s true, there’s a new site. We’ve grown, and, we even have some different objectives as a company. But we’re going to stay true to our roots and keep providing awesome information to all of you thinkers out there in the fitness industry, either personally or professionally, that have been on board since the beginning of Fitport, or even those that have stumbled upon this site more recently.



Instant Edge Vanilla


Recently, a frenzy has erupted over something called Bulletproof Coffee, which is so popular with idiots you would think Dr. Oz was behind it. The kevlar vest wearing beverage is a concoction promoted by Dave Asprey involving his “mycotoxin free” coffee blended up with anywhere between 20-60g of fat added in the form of grass-fed butter and MCT oil. The explosion in popularity of Bulletproof Coffee, of course, was followed by a predictable backlash from critics in the fitness industry. I don’t want to make this about Bulletproof Coffee, however I feel I need to address it due to its recent hype and the product similarities. So briefly, here’s why Lipix Instant Edge Coffee is NOT Bulletproof Coffee, and they should not be lumped together.


First off, this not intended to be an exhaustive review of cholesterol science. Peter Attia did a great job of that in his 10 part series here. The purpose of this article is just to shed a bit of light on a confusing topic to help get readers up to speed on the current understanding of cholesterol measurements and ultimately, relevance to your health and longevity. Very few nutrition or medical experts are making recommendations based on the most current data, some are quite a bit farther behind than others. The reasons for this discordance are numerous and will be touched upon later.


New Webinar Series

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Lifestyle, Nutrition


It’s time to take your business to the next level.

This course was designed for the discerning small gym owner (and staff), to take your current knowledge and business savvy ideas and supercharge them, making a name for your gym as THE place to get results. Crossfit studios, fitness competitor gyms, private personal training studios…you are my people. There’s currently an average of over 150 Crossfit gyms in each U.S. State, how are you going to set yourself apart? Funnier T-shirts?



Posted: May 26, 2014 in Nutrition


New muscle building supplement from EvoMuse. Check out my science write up here.


“Author, coach, and self-professed pretty-boy John Romaniello has been running amok in the fitness industry for nearly a decade.  Having trained everyone from youth soccer player to MLB pitchers, runway models to not-so-model citizens, John has earned a reputation for mixing excellent fitness information and cutting edge strategies with a personal approach to programming. Romaniello now runs Roman Fitness Systems with a tongue-in-cheek approach to fitness–and himself–that shows a genuine love/hate relationship with both. Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, Roman writes with passion and humor, show-casing his belief that training doesn’t need to be the serious, stern, science-laden monotony that is pervasive in this industry.”


As I’ve discussed previously, taking antioxidants before, during, or after exercise is not a smart move (with few exceptions). Yet most popular peri-workout supplements designed to be taken at these times continue to include significant doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, NAC, and other conditionally detrimental antioxidants. For a more in depth review of why this is a bad idea, see my article here.