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DCP 2.0- The full write up

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


Body Performance Solutions (BPS) is excited to announce the release of the second generation of the wildly popular fat buner DCP, we are now ready to release to you the newly formulated and super potent DCP 2.0!

While the original DCP worked very well and created quite a large following of raving fans, we did find a couple of limitations based on user feedback and emerging science.

One was directly related to an increase in something called CPT1, which was greatly important for fat burning (and it still is in the new formula) but it ended up depleting the body’s carnitine supply which led to side effects such as cramping in some users, and also just plain put a “governer” on the potential rate of fat loss (don’t worry, keep reading and this will all be explained).